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Why Do We Need You?

Only 7.5% of non-exam Boston Public School students are projected to graduate from a 2- or 4-year college…Read more

How Do We Make a Difference?

Tutors for All bridges the achievement gap one student at a time. Through bringing together colleges, public schools, and community resources, we offer under served students the systematic individualized instruction they need in order to thrive …Read more

What is it Like to Work Here?

At Tutors for All, we believe the following:

  • They’re all our kids –  each adult has an interest in the next generation’s success;
  • Results Matter – Tutoring is only effective if it measures growth and is done with high standards
  • Everyone can make a difference – from college students to venture philanthropists, hard-working parents to seasoned teachers, each of us bring time, talents, and resources that can improve the lives of our kids;
  • No one can do it alonecombining time, talents, and resources increases their impact exponentially.

At Tutors for All, we hold all members of our community, including our students, tutors, and core staff, accountable to five core values:

  1. Preparation – Preparation is an essential habit; it also represents a profound form of respect for oneself and others.  Because we care, we prepare: for our kids, for our tutors, and for our programs.
  2. Persistence – The achievement gap doesn’t have a simple solution, nor will it yield to half-hearted efforts.  At Tutors for All, we recognize that it is frequently the second or third attempt that makes the difference and commit to pushing through rather than avoiding difficulty.
  3. Reflection – At Tutors for All, we believe that reaching for our greatest potential involves honesty when we fail to meet it. Taking time to reflect on successes, mistakes, progress, and failures allows us to improve.
  4. Growth – Our experience and the latest research on learning lead to a single conclusion: human potential is not fixed, and effective effort leads to growth. At Tutors for All, we deliberately set goals for growth and measure progress for all members of our community.
  5. Gratitude – Our programs offer an awesome opportunity: working individually with the next generation of scholars, educators, and leaders.   In the midst of success and in the face of difficulty, we must always be mindful that bridging the achievement gap one student at a time is a privilege.

Join the Movement!

Tutors for All is constantly seeking highly committed individuals to join our team. Please reference the left hand side for open positions and descriptions.