Over the last 8 years, Tutors for All has run 25+ programs, transforming the lives of thousands of students through the service of over 1000 undergraduate tutors.


What kind of tutorials has Tutors for All successfully run?

  1. Skills tutorials (grades 4-9)
    • Reading, writing, and/or math
    • 60-90 minutes per day
    • Summer and Academic Year Programs
    • 1-5 Days per week
  2. MCAS Prep (10th grade)
    • English Language Arts, Math, Biology, and Physics
    • 3 hours per day/one day per week
  3. College Preparation and Success
    • Accuplacer Preparation
    • Academic Mindset/ Learning Strategies


T4A Results

Notable Successes

  • Codman Academy Charter Public School
      1. MCAS Growth: In 2011, Codman Achieved the highest combined MSGP (median student growth percentile) of any district in the state: 82 math, 78 ELA. 2012 results (85 math, 75 ELA) were third in state.
  • Boston District Schools (2010-present)
      1. Dever-McCormack School 4th grade: 2010-2011 Cohort math MSGP was 72 (vs. 56 for unserved students).
      2. Maurice Tobin School 6th Grade: 2010- 2011 6th math MSGP was 72 (all students were served); 2011-2012 math MGSP was 87.
  • Charter Public Schools (2008-present)
    1. Smith Leadership Academy: 2009-2010 cohort (all 8th graders) math MSGP was 69; 2010-2011 cohort (all 8th graders) math MSGP was 70; 2011-2012 cohort (all 6th graders) math MSGP was 82.
    2. Conservatory Lab Charter School: 2010-2011 math cohort MGSP was 69 (vs. 56 for unserved kids)
  • Mass General Hospital CCHI’s Millennium Scholars Program (Summer 2011-present)
    1. Summer 2012 Accuplacer Preparation Course led to students passing out of 35 remedial courses, saving them $15,000 in tuition and fees.