Mission Statement

Tutors for All bridges the achievement gap one student at a time. Through bringing together colleges, public schools, and community resources, we offer underserved students the systematic individualized instruction they need in order to thrive.

What are Tutorials?

Tutorials are individualized instruction sessions led by work-study college students and volunteers. They are:

    • Individually planned
    • Scheduled and Mandatory
    • Skills-based
    • Goal and assessment driven
    • A proven strategy for bridging the achievement gap.

What kind of tutorials has Tutors for All successfully run?

  1. Skills tutorials (grades 4-9)
    • Reading, writing, and/or math
    • 60-90 minutes per day
    • Summer and Academic Year Programs
    • 1-5 Days per week
  2. MCAS Prep (10th grade)
    • English Language Arts, Math, Biology, and Physics
    • 3 hours per day/one day per week
  3. College Preparation and Success
    • Accuplacer Preparation
    • Academic Mindset/Learning Strategies


Notable Successes

  • Codman Academy Charter Public School
      1. MCAS Growth: In each of the past three years (2011-2013),  Codman’s combined MSGP (median student growth percentile in math and English) placed it among the top seven districts statewide.   2011 results (82 math, 78 ELA) were first in state.
  • Boston District Schools (2010-present)
      1. Dever-McCormack School 4th grade: 2010-2011 Cohort math MSGP was 72 (vs. 56 for unserved students).
      2. Maurice Tobin School 6th Grade: 2010- 2011 6th math MSGP was 72 (all students were served); 2011-2012 math MSGP was 87.
  • Charter Public Schools (2008-present)
    1. Smith Leadership Academy: 2009-2010 cohort (all 8th graders) math MSGP was 69; 2010-2011 cohort (all 8th graders) math MSGP was 70; 2011-2012 cohort (all 6th graders) math MSGP was 82.
    2. Conservatory Lab Charter School: 2010-2011 math cohort MGSP was 69 (vs. 56 for unserved kids)
  • Mass General Hospital CCHI’s Millennium Scholars Program (Summer 2011-present)
    1. Summer 2012 Accuplacer Preparation Course led to students passing out of 35 remedial courses, saving them $15,000 in tuition and fees.
    2. Summer 2013 results forthcoming

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