High Quality Oversight: a Look Into Our Tutor Recruitment Process

To wrap up recruitment for this semester, we’d like to share the ins and outs of our tutor search, interview, and hiring procedures. If you’re thinking about working with us, don’t worry – we’re still accepting applications!

Why is this so important, anyway? A well-designed recruitment and evaluation process is a key contributor to highly effective tutorial! More specifically, it falls within high quality oversight.

Before the beginning of each semester, we begin our recruitment campaigns. These primarily go out via emails directly to students and alums, past tutors, educators/education professionals, and friends. Additionally, social media allows us to connect with potential tutors who may have found us first. We also utilize student employment services and portals at local institutions, and attend collegiate job fairs.

With all this going on in the background, one of the most powerful recruitment agents is word of mouth. Tutors who’ve had memorable experiences working with us tell their friends and partake in our referral program. Not to mention, our staff members are really enthusiastic about spreading the word to anyone who may be interested!

Next, we review any applications we received and make note of candidates who seem like a good fit. We’ll contact selected applicants and schedule them for an interview.

When it comes to the interview process, there are usually one of two ways that staff members will carry it out:

  • One is to provide an informational presentation that details the big picture (such as the T4A mission, history, and results), and program protocols, such as lesson planning, tutor responsibilities, and ways to track student progress
  • Alternatively, staff may treat the hiring process like a traditional interview, asking questions about prospective tutors’ previous experience, study habits, and time management.

In either case, we get a good sense of prospective tutors’ dedication to the job and to our expectations of them, and use our best judgment to make a final decision. We also make sure to have our tutors fill out a CORI form that serves as a background check, decide on a program at which to serve during the interview, and pass on our final decision to the Recruitment Team.

From there, the Recruitment Team emails out a Tutor Information Sheet for the tutors’ desired program(s), which is how our Program Managers get in contact with tutors to set them up for the training and orientation sessions that occur the week before program begins.

And, that’s it! We believe that ensuring potential tutors commitment to their roles as mentors leads to greater tutor-student progress in the long run and helps foster meaningful connections. Here’s to a fantastic start of the semester!

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