February 2018 Tutor/Student(s) Spotlight: Luis, Veronica, and Pallav!

This month, our Tutor Student(s) Spotlight features tutor Pallav and Luis and Veronica, two high school students in our Codman Program! These three have learned so much about multiplying and about themselves. We recently had a chance to ask them about their experiences at tutorial:Pallav (Tutor)

What have you learned from your students in tutorial?

They effort they put day in and day out for every packet that I give is something that I personally lack.

What do you like most about tutorial?

The thing I love most about tutorial is my 10th grade students. The effort, the dedication makes me want to teach them more.

Have your students ever done anything creative or really funny? What was it?

Students have always been cooperative and I never had to face any backlash with them.

What else would you like people to know about your students?

The students initially didn’t want to sit in the tutorial, but they really stepped up once they realized it could help them. Veronica, in fact, got a 90% on her first LTA.

Luis and Veronica (Students)

What did you think when you first met your tutor? How did you feel?

Luis: When I first met him, I didn’t want to be in tutorial. But, once I started to do my work, he became really supportive. It feels good to have someone who wants to help me.

Veronica: [I thought] it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t want to be there.

What is one thing you like about your tutor?

Luis: He’s willing to help me understand the question and be a good support system when it comes down to math.

Veronica: There are easier steps to solve math problems.

Tell me at least one thing your tutor has taught you.

Luis: Not to give up on myself.

Veronica: [He] taught me how to solve GCF or LCF in an easier way.

Would you recommend tutorial to any of your friends?

Luis: Yes.

Veronica: Yes – it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

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