Tutor Student(s) Spotlight: Paul, Jaylan, and Jaila!

This month, our second Tutor Student(s) Spotlight features Paul from MCPHS and Jaylan and Jaila, two 6th grade students from the Tobin School Program! These three have made so much progress with multiplying and dividing this semester that we decided to ask them about their experiences so far: 

Paul (Tutor)

What have you learned from your students in tutorial?

Jaylan and Jaila have taught me different ways to do multiplication, ways I have never tried before.

What do you like most about tutorial?

I like learning about my students – from little hobbies they do to what they want to do in the future.

Have your students ever done anything creative or really funny? What was it?

Jaila once drew a graphic of her name on a whiteboard, it was really good! Jaylan showed me he can write his name in script.

What else would you like people to know about your students?

Jaila is a great writer, she is able to learn early quickly once she has something down. Jaylan is also a hard worker, and he has made great progress since the beginning.

I wouldn’t have been able to do so much this semester if Jaylan and Jaila weren’t such great students/people.

Jaylan and Jaila (Students)

What did you think when you first met your tutor? How did you feel? 

Jaylan: I was surprised and happy that I had a tutor.

Jaila: The first thing I thought about my tutor is, “I know he is going to be a good tutor.”

What is one thing you like about your tutor?

Jaylan: He is always positive and understandable.

Jaila: What I like about my tutor is [that] he is patient with us. And, he gives me a lot of help with what I need to learn.

Tell me at least one thing your tutor has taught you.

Jaylan: How to turn 3/6 to a decimal. He also [taught] me how to divide better.

Jaila: He has taught me how to do long division. He taught me a way I never knew how to do, and he also taught me division because I used to not know how to do it.

Would you recommend tutorial to any of your friends? 

Jaylan: Yes – all because he is such a good tutor.

Jaila: Yes, because the tutors here are really good with tutoring.


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