Tutor Student Spotlight: Shem and Frantzsen!

This month, our first Tutor Student Spotlight features Shem from Northeastern University and Frantzen from the MGH Youth Scholars Program! These two have learned so much from one another this semester that we decided to chat with them about their experiences so far: 

Shem (Tutor)

What have you learned from your student in tutorial?

Working with Frantzsen has taught me about the importance of communication, attentiveness, and dedication from both myself as a tutor and my student as a Scholar. Throughout various sessions, each one of these core concepts has demonstrated its impact in fostering an effective tutoring environment. Communication is a two-way street that took time to develop, but now allows us to share any thought processes and confusions that we might encounter during a particular exercise. I’ve also seen how attentiveness and dedication from both me and Frantzsen can lead to higher productivity and a greater motivation to dissect the material together.

What do you like most about tutorial?

One of my favorite things about tutoring is that it is a refreshing place away from the hustle and stress that university can sometimes bring. Being able to directly observe both short-term and long-term improvements in Frantzsen’s mathematical, analytical, and observational skills with reviews, lessons, and exams reminds me of the time and effort (both in the past and now) that I take to grasp a concept. When I see the lightbulb turn on in his head after explaining a problem to him a certain way, it is amazing to see a reaction of satisfaction and understanding – something that I can definitely sympathize with.

Has your student ever done anything creative or really funny? What was it?

There was a problem in the Show What You Know (SWYK) exams which was really simple (from Frantzsen’s perspective), so he quickly answered it and got it it wrong. It was a subtraction problem (something like 321-83) or similar to that. When I notified that he got it wrong after I finished grading his exam, he was in shock since he saw how easy it was compared to the other questions he got correct. I gave him another chance to correct it, but he couldn’t find what was wrong so I directed his eyes to the minus sign and he laughed. For some reason, he saw a plus sign both when doing the problem and when correcting it and was stupefied that he managed to get such a simple problem wrong.

What else would you like people to know about your student?

Frantzsen is not only dedicated and motivated at each session, but he holds amazing potential for learning with his desire to always learn. In our first tutorial session, I had Frantzsen complete a “Growth Mindset” quiz to test if he had a fixed or growth mindset and he essentially answered every question with a growth mindset point of view – that knowledge isn’t fixed but rather dynamic. Although sometimes quiet, he doesn’t shy away whenever approached with a new concept or a challenge. He is always willing to work on whatever exercise I decide for the day and he really has shown tremendous improvement that I think will only grow even more in the future.

Franzsen (Student)

What did you think when you first met your tutor? How did you feel? 

When I first met my tutor, I thought he was awesome and we got to know each other quickly.

What is one thing you like about your tutor?

One thing I like about my tutor is how we can relate on many things like forms of entertainment.

Tell me at least one thing your tutor has taught you.

One thing I remember my tutor teaching me is a shortcut when multiplying large numbers…the way he [showed me] is by first putting the bigger number and [then] start multiplying the bigger number by each place value of the smaller one.

Would you recommend tutorial to any of your friends? 

Yes I would because, even if you get everything the tutor went over, the tutor can help with whatever work you’re struggling with at school. Also, this program is a great use of time to get better at any [academically] related thing you want to improve on.

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