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Tutor Student(s) Spotlight: Paul, Jaylan, and Jaila!

This month, our second Tutor Student(s) Spotlight features Paul from MCPHS and Jaylan and Jaila, two 6th grade students from the Tobin School Program! These three have made so much progress with multiplying and dividing this semester that we decided to ask them about their experiences so far: 

Paul (Tutor)

What have you learned from your students in tutorial?

Jaylan and Jaila have taught me different ways to do multiplication, ways I have never tried before.

What do you like most about tutorial?

I like learning about my students – from little hobbies they do to what they want to do in the future.

Have your students ever done anything creative or really funny? What was it?

Jaila once drew a graphic of her name on a whiteboard, it was really good! Jaylan showed me he can write his name in script.

What else would you like people to know about your students?

Jaila is a great writer, she is able to learn early quickly once she has something down. Jaylan is also a hard worker, and he has made great progress since the beginning.

I wouldn’t have been able to do so much this semester if Jaylan and Jaila weren’t such great students/people.

Jaylan and Jaila (Students)

What did you think when you first met your tutor? How did you feel? 

Jaylan: I was surprised and happy that I had a tutor.

Jaila: The first thing I thought about my tutor is, “I know he is going to be a good tutor.”

What is one thing you like about your tutor?

Jaylan: He is always positive and understandable.

Jaila: What I like about my tutor is [that] he is patient with us. And, he gives me a lot of help with what I need to learn.

Tell me at least one thing your tutor has taught you.

Jaylan: How to turn 3/6 to a decimal. He also [taught] me how to divide better.

Jaila: He has taught me how to do long division. He taught me a way I never knew how to do, and he also taught me division because I used to not know how to do it.

Would you recommend tutorial to any of your friends? 

Jaylan: Yes – all because he is such a good tutor.

Jaila: Yes, because the tutors here are really good with tutoring.


Tutor Student Spotlight: Shem and Frantzsen!

This month, our first Tutor Student Spotlight features Shem from Northeastern University and Frantzen from the MGH Youth Scholars Program! These two have learned so much from one another this semester that we decided to chat with them about their experiences so far: 

Shem (Tutor)

What have you learned from your student in tutorial?

Working with Frantzsen has taught me about the importance of communication, attentiveness, and dedication from both myself as a tutor and my student as a Scholar. Throughout various sessions, each one of these core concepts has demonstrated its impact in fostering an effective tutoring environment. Communication is a two-way street that took time to develop, but now allows us to share any thought processes and confusions that we might encounter during a particular exercise. I’ve also seen how attentiveness and dedication from both me and Frantzsen can lead to higher productivity and a greater motivation to dissect the material together.

What do you like most about tutorial?

One of my favorite things about tutoring is that it is a refreshing place away from the hustle and stress that university can sometimes bring. Being able to directly observe both short-term and long-term improvements in Frantzsen’s mathematical, analytical, and observational skills with reviews, lessons, and exams reminds me of the time and effort (both in the past and now) that I take to grasp a concept. When I see the lightbulb turn on in his head after explaining a problem to him a certain way, it is amazing to see a reaction of satisfaction and understanding – something that I can definitely sympathize with.

Has your student ever done anything creative or really funny? What was it?

There was a problem in the Show What You Know (SWYK) exams which was really simple (from Frantzsen’s perspective), so he quickly answered it and got it it wrong. It was a subtraction problem (something like 321-83) or similar to that. When I notified that he got it wrong after I finished grading his exam, he was in shock since he saw how easy it was compared to the other questions he got correct. I gave him another chance to correct it, but he couldn’t find what was wrong so I directed his eyes to the minus sign and he laughed. For some reason, he saw a plus sign both when doing the problem and when correcting it and was stupefied that he managed to get such a simple problem wrong.

What else would you like people to know about your student?

Frantzsen is not only dedicated and motivated at each session, but he holds amazing potential for learning with his desire to always learn. In our first tutorial session, I had Frantzsen complete a “Growth Mindset” quiz to test if he had a fixed or growth mindset and he essentially answered every question with a growth mindset point of view – that knowledge isn’t fixed but rather dynamic. Although sometimes quiet, he doesn’t shy away whenever approached with a new concept or a challenge. He is always willing to work on whatever exercise I decide for the day and he really has shown tremendous improvement that I think will only grow even more in the future.

Franzsen (Student)

What did you think when you first met your tutor? How did you feel? 

When I first met my tutor, I thought he was awesome and we got to know each other quickly.

What is one thing you like about your tutor?

One thing I like about my tutor is how we can relate on many things like forms of entertainment.

Tell me at least one thing your tutor has taught you.

One thing I remember my tutor teaching me is a shortcut when multiplying large numbers…the way he [showed me] is by first putting the bigger number and [then] start multiplying the bigger number by each place value of the smaller one.

Would you recommend tutorial to any of your friends? 

Yes I would because, even if you get everything the tutor went over, the tutor can help with whatever work you’re struggling with at school. Also, this program is a great use of time to get better at any [academically] related thing you want to improve on.

Staff Introductions: Our Associates

This week, Tutors for All would like you to meet our associates! Some of the youngest members of our team, these three work in different aspects to help us run efficiently and expand our impact. Get to know them:

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Corey: I am a Special Projects Associate with the organization. From day to day the job is usually full of surprises, mainly because the tasks I do vary regularly. I’m originally from Vermont, so living in Boston has been quite an experience! Right now I am in my second year at Northeastern University, studying Civil Engineering. My time as an intern with my high school’s athletic director really shaped my view on how important intricacies are to making things work both internally and externally. I draw parallels between that experience and the work I am doing now.

Lena: My name is Lena Umar and I am currently the Curriculum Associate for Tutors for All. I was born in Pakistan and migrated to the United States at the age of two and have been here ever since! I initially started with T4A as a tutor in the summer of 2016 at Codman Academy teaching math. Along with being the CA for this wonderful organization, I am attending Simmons College pursuing my BA in Public Health. I am in my final year and will be graduating in the spring! In addition, I am working as a clinical research intern at Joslin Diabetes researching a new drug to be put on the market. In my free time, I love to cook and bake pastries, read, watch movies and go hiking.

Jessica: My name is Jessica Chan I’m the Marketing Associate for T4A. I manage and post our social media accounts, create our marketing/newsletter emails, manage/produce website content, and help out with any communications tasks. I’m happy to say that this is my second year working with T4A as Marketing Associate! I’m a local from Foxboro, MA and am currently in my second year at Northeastern University studying Finance with a minor in journalism. I also work as a video production assistant for the Northeastern Athletics Department, with the ultimate goal of learning more about sideline reporting. My interests include listening to and creating music, watching sports, traveling, and volunteering!

What drew you to Tutors for All?

Corey: I wasn’t very familiar with Tutors for All before working here, but in doing research into the organization I found myself intrigued by the astounding results that have come because of the tutoring done at each program. After seeing that, I knew Tutors for All was a place I would be glad to work at.

Lena: Prior to joining Tutors for All, I was a tutor at the high school I attended. For a long time, I have loved teaching and mentoring students and when I saw the position open at T4A I knew I had to join!

Jessica: When searching for a work-study job my freshman year of college, I knew I wanted to do something that made an impact. Luckily, I came across T4A’s listing on my school’s student employment site and immediately jumped on it! I was so impressed by the organizations mission and results, and I had an interest in teaching/education and marketing/communications, so T4A was the perfect match.

What is the most rewarding part about working for T4A? What have you learned so far?

Corey: It’s very rewarding knowing that the work I am doing either leads to the programs being run more seamlessly, or alleviates the burden for other employees. I’ve learned a lot about how an organization has to be strong at its core in order for it to function on a wider scale, and Tutors for All is a shining example of that.

Lena: Watching a student grow overtime has been the most rewarding experience for me. To see them gain confidence in areas of improvement was such a joy to watch. In my time at T4A I have learned that patience is key when working with students. Not everyone learns at the same pace so it’s important to find a balance when working with multiple students!

Jessica: For me, there are actually two most rewarding parts of working for T4A. The first is being able to interact directly with our followers, partners, and friends. The community we have supporting us is amazing, and it’s been a wonderful experience to be on the front line of communication with such an active, tight-knit group. Secondly, being able to work with students and see their progress allows me to see the direct impact of our efforts – it’s fascinating! I’ve learned tons this year about nonprofit marketing.

What are you most looking forward to in your work with T4A in 2017-2018?

Corey: I am looking forward to becoming more involved and familiar with the planning and preparation that goes into running a tutoring program, and developing my skills with the technology that is used on a daily basis. Beyond that, learning more about the history of the organization is something I am looking forward to.

Lena: I look forward to building new relationships with my students and enhancing their growth and development. I also look forward to being their mentor and provide much guidance to them as I can as an educator.

Jessica: In the short term, I’m looking forward to getting the word out about our End of Year Appeal. The numbers we saw from Giving Tuesday alone were really encouraging, so I’m super excited to see what happens the rest of the year. Long term, I’m looking forward to getting back into tutoring and becoming more skilled at communications and marketing in the nonprofit sector!

What has been your most memorable T4A experience so far?

Corey: I recall being asked to carry the desserts to my first staff meeting, and being allowed first selection among all the employees of what I wanted. That was a very generous gesture by the staff who for the most part I did not know at that point.

Lena: My most memorable moment was when a student of mine wanted to solve questions with me on the board even after they finished their assigned packet. I felt so proud because this was a student who never wanted to attend tutorial and put in the work. However, overtime they showed how capable they were of learning the challenging material and wanted to further their knowledge in areas they struggled with. It was rewarding to see how much this student had grown over time.

Jessica: My most memorable T4A experience so far happened recently, when I checked on our donations for Giving Tuesday. I’d been pushing out messages via email and social media, but I didn’t know what to expect. After seeing that our donations had increased nearly 5x in such a short amount of time (basically overnight!), I felt so grateful for not only the outpouring of support we received, but also for the T4A team that worked so hard to get the appeal up and running.

What are your personal goals for the future?

Corey: My goals are to continue to pursue my education, and improve upon become a more well-rounded student. Working here has been a great way for me to learn skills that can be taken with me to use in in my own education.

Lena: In the future, I want to do help disadvantaged communities (both domestic and international) get better access to health care!

Jessica: Ultimately, my goals are to find stability through graduation and work, but also to make are that I leave time to be creative and serve those who may not have had the same opportunities I’ve had. Basically, I’m constantly working toward balance!

Is there anything else you’d like to include?

Corey: The staff has been very friendly and welcoming, not to mention helpful in answering any questions I have had. Great group of people!