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Bridging the Gap: Tutors for All’s 2015 Annual Appeal Campaign

“I like when Natashia knows that I don’t get something, and I also like how when she comes in to tutorial she always has a smile on her face… I would recommend tutorial for my friends that need it because you get paired with someone who cares about your education and wants to help you.”
Deja, 8th Grade T4A Student
Dear readers,
Tutors for All is experiencing exciting growth this year. We’re expanding our work at Codman Academy, continuing our work with the Tobin School and Massachusetts General, establishing a program at Boston Green Academy, and crafting a partnership with Squashbusters, a sport-based youth enrichment program. 


As our programs expand, we are embarking on our most ambitious organizational growth plan yet: laying groundwork that will take us from a small non-profit under the wing of Third Sector New England to a stand-alone non-profit venture. With your help, we hope to reach beyond the city of Boston and introduce our programs on a statewide level within the next three to five years. We have some hard work ahead of us, but we know that it is possible. 


With your help, we will achieve success. This year more than ever, your tax-deductible donation will go a long way as we prepare for these momentous changes. If you have donated to us previously, we ask you to join our “one-up” challenge by increasing your previous donation. If you have never donated, we ask you to dig deep, remembering either your own struggles when you were in school or those of a close friend, and how a program like ours could have helped. 
Make a tax-deductible donation to us today by donating online or by sending us a check made out to Third Sector New England/Tutors for All at 89 South Street LL02, Boston, MA 02111. 


All gifts, no matter the size, will make a difference. 




Mark Destler, Executive Director