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Meet an inspiring T4A Alum and Donor: Deejay

IMG_2671Deejay Robinson worked at our Codman, Prospect Hill Academy, and Dever Programs from 2011-2012 as a member of the Massachusetts Commonwealth Corps.  He got his Bachelors in Music in Vocal Performance at Milikin University in Illinois and then his Masters in Music for Vocal Performance at Longy School of Music in Cambridge.  He is now teaching in Boston and going to Boston University for a Masters in Music Education.  Deejay’s passion for education continually inspires us and we are excited to share our recent interview with him.

What are you doing these days?
Deejay: “As far as work goes, I have been teaching K-5 music in Boston Public Schools for 3 years now.  I teach at the Thomas Edison K-8 in Brighton.  I have grown the music program during my time there in the quality of the repertoire of what students are singing and concert attendance by parents.  There is an overall excitement for music and music education.  Next year, I’m leaving BPS and I’ll be starting a job at Buckingham Brown and Nichols teaching music for Kindergarten- 2nd Grade. I will graduate BU in 2016.  I am focusing my studies on the intersection of race and music.  Right now, I’m doing research.  BB&N has a great mission that will allow me to do more research.  I’m also hoping to involve their community.”

How well did Tutors for All prepare you for your work now?
Deejay: “T4A prepared me better than student teaching because when you student teach, you really only take over a class for a week.  A lot of that experience is really getting your feet wet.  At T4A, I was able to work individually with students who were deemed as needing improvement.  Through that, I was able to get creative and think through numerous strategies and techniques.  That gave me the springboard to be creative in classroom as I had already developed a tool box of things.  T4A also put me in contact with BPS.  I stayed at Dever for an additional semester after T4A stopped working there and tutored one student.”

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Element #1 of Highly Effective Tutorial: High Quality Oversight

For eight years running, Tutors for All programs have achieved jaw-dropping results for Boston kids and the organizations that serve them.

How have our programs accomplished this?  While each program in our history has its own unique story, we believe that seven key elements unite them and offer a roadmap to follow.

  1. Award's Night #2High Quality Oversight
  2. Professionalization of Tutors
  3. 1:1 or 1:2 Ratios
  4. Balanced Collaboration and Autonomy
  5. Regular Assessment and Progress Monitoring
  6. Tutors for All (not Some)
  7. Leveraged Subsidies for Service

Over the next few months, we’ll be spending some time discussing each of them.  Our goal: a conversation among experts and beginners on how effective programs can work.

Today’s topic: High Quality Oversight.

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