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Meet All-star Co-op Bennett Hadley


We are incredibly excited to introduce you to Bennett Hadley.  He will be working with us as our Northeastern Co-op for the semester.  The Northeastern Co-op program allows students to compliment their academic study with full-time employment in a position related to their academic and/or career interests.  I had a chance to sit down with Bennett on his first day of work and learn a little bit more about him and why he chose to serve with Tutors for All.

T4A: Bennett, what brought you to Tutors for All this Fall?

Bennett: During the volunteer fair this Fall, I walked right past Andreas (a T4A Coordinator/ Lead Tutor) and a few flyers fell out of his hand.  I picked them up and gave them to him and he asked, “Do you want to be a tutor?” and I was like, “I’m going to think about it.  No thanks.”   I was walking back to my apartment and thinking about it and I realized that I actually kind of did want to tutor.  So I walked back and said, “Yeah I want to do it.”  And I signed up.

T4A: What are you studying?

Bennett: I’m currently a Physics major, but I’m looking to switch it to math.  Last semester, I was kind of searching for what I want to do and I think I’ve settled for math.

T4A: Was that impacted at all by tutoring math?

Bennett: Maybe a little bit.  I’ve always enjoyed doing math and helping others with problems.  It was an easy transition.

T4A: What were your favorite moments tutoring at Tobin this Fall?

Bennett: I really enjoyed the days when I was working with my student and she got really into it.  She would ask me questions about what we were doing and why is the answer this and why am I doing this.  I really liked it when she asked questions and was interested in what we were learning about.

T4A: What made you interested in being a Co-Op with us and what are you the most excited about?

 Bennett: Last semester in the Fall, I really enjoyed my time tutoring.  I have thought about pursuing a career in education and that this would be the best way to explore that.

T4A: What was your favorite childhood book?

Bennett:  The Harry Potter Series.  I absolutely adored it.  I think I started reading them around the time that the third one came out.  I was still pretty young- like 7 or 8 maybe.  And I went to the midnight release of the last 3 books.  I read through the series several times.  I still love it.  Out of the Harry Potter series, my favorite book would have to be 3.

T4A: So when you’re not tutoring with us, what do you like to do for fun?IMG_0072 (1)

Bennett: I really like skiing.  I ski a lot.  I’m on the club team at Northeastern.  We do races and stuff.  It’s my favorite thing to do.

T4A: Growing up, who was your favorite teacher?

Bennett: I’ve had a few really great teachers.  My 7th and 8th grade homeroom teacher (whom I also had for a few classes) pushed me and my classmates.  I also had a great teacher for a class called “Writing the Prose,” which was basically 11th Grade writing and composition and grammar.  He was a quirky guy- quite old, but he was sharp.  Both those teachers were tough teachers.  They really challenged all their students and held high expectations, but were still really friendly and approachable.

T4A: As this semester is starting, do you have any words of wisdom or advice for tutors as they jump into tutoring?

Bennett: Come in excited with a lot of energy and don’t ever give up on your student.  Persistence is key.

T4A: Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to include in your story?

Bennett: I’m really into music.  I really like my music and am particular about my music.  I like alternative stuff or indie.  I like a lot of different stuff.  When I’m not doing anything or sitting around my apartment, I am always listening to music.

Elizabeth Marshall, Tutor Support Coordinator

MGH Program Continues to Produce Dramatic Results

DSC_7223This Fall, Tutors for All continued our partnership with the Mass General Hospital Center for Community Health Improvement by offering academic support in core subjects to scholars in 10th-12th grade who had been identified as needing extra academic support.  In addition, graduates of the MGH scholars program were given the option to continue receiving academic support from our coaches (MGH program term for tutors).

 Over the course of nine weeks, scholars were coached for two hours a week in math, literacy, or science.  Tutors for All used curriculum created in house and tailored to the specific needs of scholars by their coaches.  At the beginning of the Fall, scholars set goals for the semester with their coaches with the focus on improving their math skills, improving their reading skills, or improving their overall GPA.

At the end of the semester, scholars who had focused on reading or math skills took assessements to see how much they learned.  Six scholars took the math assessment (GMADE) and three scholars took the reading assessment (GRADE).  Scholars grew an impressive average of 2.23 grade levels on their exams.  We even had one student who grew 5.4 grade levels on her GMADE and is now testing on grade level as a 10th Grade student.

 This graph breaks down the growth by assessment. Scholars taking the math assessment began lower, with an average Grade Equivalency (GE) of 5.85 compared to 7.23 on the reading assessment. They also showed more growth, 2.37 grade levels compared to 1.97. Math assessment scores ended with an average GE of 8.22, and reading with an average GE of 9.20.

When we asked the scholars about why they grew so much, they talked about their coaches.  One Emily MGHstudent said, “I would like thank her a lot for all of these new methods and words. I appreciate all she has done for me and I really love being here because of her.”  Another student told us, “Thank you so much [to the coach] for having the time and patience with me.”

When I asked Luisa Baginski, the MGH Program Manager about the growth, she said, “I was privileged to witness consistent effort on behalf of scholars and coaches this semester, and I am proud – although not surprised – at the results they have achieved.”

We look forward to seeing more growth from our scholars this Spring.  If you have any interest in coaching an MGH Scholar this semester, there are still a few positions available so make sure to apply!

Elizabeth Marshall, Tutor Support Coordinator