Why did you tutor? Why do you support Tutors for All?

At our Tutor Alum Networking Event last month, we were able to interview a group of some of our inspiring former tutors. They talked about why they decided to tutor then and why they still support Tutors for All years after their experience.

There were some trends in the video. Two of the four main interviewees, Deejay Robinson and Nicole Spaulding, are currently working as teachers. Similarly, 22% of the members of our Tutors for All Alumni Network group on LinkedIn are in the Education field. 11% are specifically in primary and secondary education.

Nonetheless, there was a tremendous diversity in their answers. Jennifer Zavala highlighted how her personal experience coming from an immigrant family motivated her to work with underserved students and guide them towards the resources they need to succeed. Tai Sassen-Liang, who later went on to teach at the MATCH school, noted a sense of needing to “do something” on a hands-on and grassroots level for the larger community.

When talking about why they still support Tutors for All, Deejay commented, “As a teacher right now in Boston public schools…I know what’s needed. And with my experience with Tutors for All, I see the work that Tutors for All does. The impact that the one-on-one connection that their model has…Boston needs it. And I know that there are other urban districts that need it.”

Nicole also spoke with the authority of experience as an educator, and also specifically highlighted the power of individualized instruction: “I see the great things that individualized instruction does for kids and the ways that children who get individualized instruction can continue to grow.”

Jennifer spoke about how she wishes that there were more people to help young people access education resources. Tai asserted that the work that Tutors for All does is important because it connects tutors to the students that could benefit most from individualized instruction.

Listening to this group of Tutor Alums left us humbled and re-inspired in our work to bridge the achievement gap for underserved Boston youth.

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