T4A Partner, MGH Youth Scholars, Profiled by WBZ-TV

MGH Spring 2014 Report

Recently, the MGH Youth Scholars were profiled by WBZ-TV. This amazing health career-oriented program exposes high school aged students to careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) world. In addition to experiential learning, MGH provides the Youth Scholars with Academic Coaches through a partnership with Tutors for All.

Tutors for All works with Scholars on the academic side of the program. Known as “Academic Day”, each week the scholars are given direct one-on-one instruction in a given topic. Scholars have the opportunity to work on math or literacy skills, PSAT prep, or how to apply study and working skills to their school curriculum.

All coaching sessions are focused around a learning strategy designed to help students internalize knowledge and self-regulate learning. For math Tutors for All utilizes the JUMP Math curriculum developed in Toronto, Canada by John Mighton.  JUMP Math breaks basic math instruction into manageable steps and then builds on those concepts as students demonstrate mastery. T4A Literacy Coaches used short readings as a daily starting point for their literacy instruction. T4A literacy curriculum ranges from basic skills, PSAT prep, SAT prep, Accuplacer prep, and AP class level. Tutors for All provided each scholar with the appropriate level according to the results of the scholars’ diagnostic assessment.

MGH Spring 2014 Report Bar Graph

(Note: Y Axis measure growth in grade equivalency (GE) or academic years over the course of the program.)

Above is a snapshot of our results from the Spring 2014 semester. The above chart represents academic data for scholars with 80% or greater attendance. GMADE was the standardized test given to assess math, GRADE was the standardized test given to assess literacy.

Overall Scholars reported an overwhelmingly positive feeling about “Academic Day” with Tutors for All. A performance survey on the last day of their program is represented below.

MGH Spring 2014 Tutor Performance

The partnership between Tutors for All and MGH’s Youth Scholars program is going into its fourth year this summer. As one of our longest running current partners, we have enjoyed working with MGH and are looking forward to working in the future.

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