Meet Teach For America’s Newest Star: Tutors for All Alum Andreas Wolfe

Pictured: Chris Baginski and Andreas Wolfe

Pictured: Chris Baginski and Andreas Wolfe

We are happy to announce that five Tutors for All tutors were accepted to Teach for America this year. One of them, BC Alum Andreas Wolfe, shared his thoughts on how Tutors for All shaped his journey to TFA. 

T4A: What is your full name? 

AW: Andreas Warren Wolfe

T4A: Where did you go to college and what did you study?

AW: Boston College – History Major

T4A: What’s your hometown?

AW: Brookline, MA

T4A: When did you start working with Tutors for All?

AW: 2012

T4A: What drew you to work in education?

AW: When I first heard about tutoring, I applied because I wanted to do something completely different.

T4A: What’s your favorite thing about Tutors for All?

AW: The reward of seeing a child’s improvement.

T4A: What are you doing after you graduate?

AW: I will be teaching middle school or high school math with Teach For America in Philadelphia.

T4A: Has Tutors for All helped prepare you to serve with Teach for America? If so, how?

AW: Tutors For All has been extremely valuable and I owe it to Tutors For All for getting the job in the first place.  It was my first introduction to nearly all of the concepts that are vital to understanding how children work and the secret to helping them succeed.

T4A: Do you start in the September ? or is there some training beforehand?

AW: Training begins June 17th, and will last through the summer.

T4A: What are your plans for after Teach for America?

AW: My long term goal is to obtain a dual masters in city planning and transportation engineering in order to design safer and more economically viable streets.

T4A: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of teaching/tutoring?

AW: Biking, both for everyday transportation and for athleticism.

T4A: What’s your favorite food?/Place to eat in Boston?

AW: The Super 88 Food Court, most notably the Bahn Mi sandwiches at Pho Viet.  $3.95 is a small price for a life changing experience.

T4A: What’s the most interesting thing about you that we didn’t know?

AW: I’m a walking GPS.





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