…One Donor at a Time

Tai_SLThe fight against the achievement gap takes place on many levels. Some of it happens in the political arena, where programs are drafted, debated, and, with luck, enacted and rolled out over many years. Such programs bring arguable improvements to the lives of inner-city youth across the country, but recent years have shown that the fate of such programs, and the youth they serve, lies entirely on surviving the next round of budget cuts or the latest political wrangling in Congress.

I chose to work for education equality on a different level. As part of Tutors for All, I worked with students one-on-one to raise their MCAS scores and improve their academics to a level they didn’t think was possible. I witnessed firsthand how effective the grassroots model can be when it is led by passionate and dedicated men and women. And when I graduated and moved on from the education field, I knew that this was a cause that I still wanted to be a part of. That is why I contribute to the Tutors for All Annual Fund.

Small-scale programs like Tutors for All do so much with so little that any contribution, no matter how small, will make immediate and tangible gains towards bridging the achievement gap. The donations you and I make today will go directly towards hiring tutors, making sure they have the materials they need, and ensuring that another generation of young Boston scholars will receive the opportunities they deserve. With funding for school programs at critical lows, it’s more important than ever that we step up and support those who work for a more equal future, day by day, one student at a time.

– Tai Sassen-Liang

Tutors for All Alum 2006-2009

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