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Rethinking Effective Teacher Preparation

Earlier this week, the Boston Globe published an article, “Too Many Teachers, Too Little Quality,” highlighting the inadequacy of teacher preparation programs in preparing teachers for the rigors of 21st century classrooms.  Because we work with so many college students preparing to be educators (and as a former teacher myself), the title caught my attention.

As a nation, aren’t we always talking about how we need more young people to choose a career in teaching?  Isn’t that what is so great about organizations like Teach for America?  Here at Tutors for All, we often pride ourselves on giving more young people exposure to work that will increase their investment in education.

However, according to the article, more is not the problem; there are more than two education school graduates for every opening in the United States.  The problem is that  very few teachers enter the profession adequately prepared to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population.


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First Day of Summer Programs

Welcome to T4A Summer Program!

Today is the first day of summer programs! Our summer  Bicentennial program at MGH will serve 33 students and focus on college preparation and success. Our college students have chosen to focus on various Math and Science courses in preparation for their Fall semester. Our high school students will be studying for the SAT and ACCUPLACER.

“The average student’s literacy level tends to drop over the summer.” says Program Manager, Chris Baginski. “Tutors for All summer programs offer a fantastic opportunity to spring forward in math, reading, and the sciences. Four years worth of student data backs that up.”

In Summer 2012, T4A’s ACCUPLACER Preparation course led to students passing out of 35 remedial courses, saving them over $15,000 in tuition and fees.

Exponent Partners Awards Tutors for All its 2013 QuickStart Grant

Thanks to ExponentPartners’ QuickStart Grant, Tutors for All has just completed full Salesforce Implementation. We look forward to being able to more effectively reach our constituents and serve our students with the help of Salesforce.

ExponentPartners is a mission-based information technology consulting firm specializing in human services, education and social impact. They are industry professionals who have partnered with the Salesforce Foundation to develop their QuickStart service. The QuickStart Service is a Salesforce implementation solution that helps organizations quickly and efficiently deploy Salesforce, while tailoring the CRM to the organization’s unique needs.

Over 250 nonprofit organizations have trusted ExponentPartners to enhance their technology and performance management capacity.

Thank you ExponentPartners!


Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation grants support to T4A’s Academic Mindset Tutorial

We are pleased to announce that Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation has just granted us support for our Academic Mindset Tutorial!

The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation’s grant will help T4A further develop our new Academic Mindset and Learning Strategies Curriculum, originally piloted with the MGH Youth Scholars in Fall 2012.

TFA 73

This curriculum works in conjunction with effective skills-based instruction and is designed to assist students move from being passive recipients of academic content to becoming active, conscientious, and productive scholars. It can be used across grade-levels, content areas, and skills in order to support the internalization of knowledge and development of academic self-efficacy.

This program will improve the mindset, strategy usage, and coursework grades of the students it serves, setting them up as the kind of self-regulating learners that are most likely to achieve success in college and the workplace.

It will provide T4A staff opportunity to integrate the most powerful elements of these programs into our award-winning skills programs while developing a powerful suite of interventions applicable for a range of students in a range of settings.


As Individualized Instruction Goes National, What Do We Know?

Individualized instruction has gotten a lot of good press over the past month. Check out this piece in the Times about Nick Ehrman’s Blue Engineers, and this one in the Chicago Sun-Times about Match Education’s partnership in Chicago.

This press is well-deserved; if anything, it’s overdue. What started almost eleven years ago as a Match “summer high school” on the MIT campus has grown into arguably the highest leverage intervention out there. To quote the piece on Blue Engine, “Gains like this are not often seen in education … it’s worth taking notice.”

As the movement has grown, Tutors for All is increasingly being asked to offer counsel to schools and community organizations starting their own programs. It’s a gift of an opportunity; far more kids are in need of the practice than twenty Blue Engines, Match’s and T4A’s could serve. As we do so, however, it becomes clear that our counsel (and, for that matter, the advice of companion organizations) is based on our particular philosophy and history of success more than on a more general research base.

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