Codman Academy Charter Public School

Tutors for All ran Saturday programs at Codman Academy during the 2011-2012 school year in preparation for the 2012 MCAS. The Codman Academy Spring program served all ninth and tenth grade students, with 90 students enrolled per semester. 2012 MCAS results showed10th grade students achieving an MSGP of 84.5 while comparative 10th graders in Boston Public Schools earned an MSGP of 59.



In Spring 2012, –Tutors for All partner Codman Academy Charter Public School was named an EPIC “silver gain” school for its success driving gains in student achievement. This award, based on the EPIC value-added model analysis conducted by its data partner Mathematica Policy Research put Codman in the elite company of only fourteen schools nationwide. One of those schools was MATCH Charter Public High School, where T4A’s model was first implemented. Tutors for All’s approach to academic support – recruiting and training hundreds of community-service college students to work one-on-one with entire cohorts of students in public Boston schools – has driven school improvement in ten different schools since its first program in 2005, including past EPIC winners City on a Hill, Prospect Hill, and Smith Leadership Academy.


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