Lead Tutor

Tutor an elementary, middle, or high school student in math , literacy , or academic mindset during the Fall 2017 semester. Help other tutors meet expectations through mentoring, modeling, and leading professional development.

Tutor Duties:

  • Create lesson plan for student in preparation for each tutorial session
  • Execute lesson plan in either basic math or literacy (please provide preference in correspondence)
  • Proctor student assessments and tailor tutorial to fit student’s growing skill knowledge
  • Use creativity to engage student in difficult lessons
  • Serve as an example of college success for your student
  • Grade your student daily on participation, effort, and respect
  • Work as a member of a team of tutors who reflect, plan, and problem solve together with the help of two supervisors
  • Prepare progress reports for students
  • Periodic clerical work: filing curriculum, calling parents, etc
  • Hold students accountable for code of conduct
  • Attend mandatory training before start of tutorial program

Lead Tutor Duties:

  • Model the meeting of expectations for other tutors
  • Hold tutors accountable in terms of professionalism, promptness, etc
  • Reassign tutors and students within team as necessary
  • Take attendance for team/room
  • Keep materials and rooms organized and well stocked
  • Ensure that team uses school space effectively and with respect
  • Respond to tutor reflections and lesson plans in a thoughtful manner
  • Occasional administrative duties –filing curriculum, photocopying, calling parents

Special requirements:

  • Passion for working with Boston youth
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Adherence to strict professional standards as regards to conduct, dress, timeliness, etc.
  • Eagerness to reflect on and improve performance


  • Federal work-study students earn between $13-15 an hour, depending on experience
  • “Direct Hire” lead tutors earn $12 an hour

Interested? Email Cover Letter to apply@tutorsforall.org and complete the Tutor Application