Kudos to Our Fall 2016 Students and Tutors!

Last month, Tutors for All wrapped up six noteworthy programs (including a new partnership with Boston International Newcomers Academy)! This past semester in particular, there was an emphasis on student-driven learning and creating a synergistic environment between scholars and tutors. We’d like to share a bit about four of the programs, as well as some of the results!

MGHMassachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Community Health Improvement

The Masachusetts General Hospital Center for Community Health Improvement (MGH CCHI) and Tutors for All continued their partnership this Fall by offering academic support to 18 total scholars in 10th-12th grade. With the support of 15 coaches (tutors) from local colleges and universities, the Youth Scholars Program ran for 10 weeks and catered to all students, especially those who met a certain criteria based on assessments, GPA, and core class grades.

Each scholar received 120 minutes of academic support every session, and a collegiate academic environment was created, encouraging a scholar-driven learning approach. Overall, the vast majority of scholars indicated overwhelming satisfaction with their coaches, rating them a 4 or 5/5.

Students who received tutoring in reading gained an average of 1.2 years of skill over the ten week program; students who received math tutoring  gained an average of 1.93 years!

Many of the students expressed great appreciation for the support they received from their tutors over the course of the semester. One student in particular said, “Thanks for pushing me to believe that I can improve even when the world is moving faster than I can read.” 


Boston Green Academy BGA FALL 2016

T4A began its partnership with the Boston Green Academy in the fall of 2015, and this past semester transitioned to an in-school, pull out model to increase student attendance. Tutorial sessions took place during the school day, one group on Tuesday and the other on Thursday.

Twenty-one students enrolled in the program with the support of nine local tutors from Bostonian colleges and universities. Coaches were given a sequence of skills to cover with their students throughout the semester based on the four primary domains of the 10th grade MCAS Math exam.

About 90% of the students did as well as or better on the end assessment than they did on the first assessment, and about 60% of the total students showed significant improvements on the tests given to them at both the beginning and end of each tutorial session!

TOBINTobin K-8 School Program

Tutors for All began its partnership with the Tobin School in 2010 and has been working with students exclusively on math since 2012. This fall, 14 total students enrolled in the program which ran twice weekly for 80 minutes per session.

The framework for the program came from the JUMP math curriculum developed in Toronto, CA by John Mighton. Through this, students were allowed to work at their own pace, particularly when working one-on-one to learn basic numeracy concepts. As a result of the tutorial sessions, students who took several “Show What You Know” assessments at the end of each meeting showed a 26 percent improvement overall.

A consistent student recognition policy was put into place in which students tracked their own growth on charts and were given positive points by tutors. Additionally, awards were distributed to each participating student on the last day of the program

On the final survey, almost every student marked tutors in all categories as above or exceedingly above average. One participant discovered a passion for challenges, saying, “My favorite part is when I get a hard question. That is my favorite part.” 

Tutors also felt the impact of tutorial sessions, learning from their students in the process. At the end of the semester, one tutor discussed, “I think the biggest impact was explaining why it’s important to work hard and go to college.”

Boston International Newcomers Academy BINCA FALL 2016

This past semester, Tutors for All and the Boston International Newcomers Academy unveiled our first collaborative program ever! This program emphasized working with students within Boston International High School’s segment of the academy, providing in-classroom assistance to teachers with large classes

On several occasions, tutors with advanced skills in high-need languages were able to provide assistance in Newcomers Academy classes. In total, five T4A tutors offered support to a total of nine instructors in 20 different classes.

A massive thank you to all of our Fall 2016 tutors, and congratulations to their students!

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