Spring Report: SquashBusters

If you’ve been following Tutors for All for the past ten years, you’ve noticed that students participating in our partnership programs tend to gain about a year in math and literacy. This past spring semester one of our most recent programs, SquashBusters, concluded for the summer and we are thrilled to share with you our program results!

SquashBusters and T4A began their partnership the fall of 2015 by offering 8th graders academic support in math and literacy. Before initiating any tutorials, T4A conducts a set of preliminary exams that helps establish foundation for our students growth in math and literacy, which could then be measured later on with a final assessment. The GRADE tests students in reading comprehension and vocabulary, while the GMADE tests students in three areas; Concepts and Communications, Operations and Computation, and Processes and Applications. Students in the 8th grade are expected to have scores at 8.0 or above.

After reviewing the set of preliminary exams, the average score on the GMADE test was 6.73, with five out of 24 students scoring above grade level. The GRADE test results reflected a much higher proficiency rating, with 15 out of 25 students scoring at or above grade level and the average score being 9.59.


Students were given the choice to pick the subject they wanted to study, regardless of their preliminary score. In just the first semester, there was an average .50 increase in test scores for students studying Math and an average 1.50 increase in test scores for students studying reading compared to their preliminary exam.

The second semester displayed an even more impressive growth. Students who took the GMADE test had an average increase of 1.05 and students who took the GRADE test had an average increase of 2.05 in their test scores.

The chart below displays the average test scores from students who continued in a particular subject throughout the year. As pictured below, the average growth overall for both exams increased making T4A extremely happy to see our mission come to life by bridging the gap one student at a time!


In order to provide the most accurate data, we excluded
students who changed subjects during the spring semester
and also students who scored the maximum in each test.

Stay posted to see results from our other spring programs!

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