Element #7 of Highly Effective Tutorial: Leveraged Subsidies for Service (Part One)

You’ve followed our series this far, so you know what it takes to run a highly effective tutorial:

  1. High Quality Oversight
  2. Professionalization of Tutors
  3. 1:1 or 1:2 Ratios
  4. Balanced Collaboration and Autonomy
  5. Regular Assessment and Progress Monitoring
  6. Tutors for All (not Some)
  7. Leveraged Subsidies for Service

You’re almost ready to go. There’s just one question, however. What’s all this going to cost?


Well I’m not going to lie to you — individualized instruction changes lives, but it doesn’t come cheaply.  There’s a reason why the highest quality Tutoring and Test Prep orgs (shout out to local start-up Signet Education here, one of the best) can charge upwards of $100 an hour and still have students waiting in line for their services.

That being said, if you’re going to truly have Tutors for All (not some), you have to take advantage of each and every available economy at your disposal.  That means mastering the bewildering landscape of subsidies for service and then leveraging the heck out of them.  Below are a few sources for highly subsidized (or free!) tutors that you should have available..  Check back in a few days for some tips on how to make each work for you.

College and Graduate Students

  • Federal Work-Study
  • Service-Learning programs, especially ones that are tied to scholarships
  • Education, Sociology, Public Policy Classes and Departments
  • Fraternities and Sororities, many of which have service requirements

Recent College Graduates

  • Stipend for service “Corps” programs
  • Volunteer placement organizations such as Boston Cares
  • Networking events by groups such as Socializing for Justice

Professionals, retirees and/or mid-career changers

  • Partnership with local retirement community
  • Partnership with local churches
  • Partnership with local service organizations (Kiwanis, Elks, etc)

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