Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation grants support to T4A’s Academic Mindset Tutorial

We are pleased to announce that Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation has just granted us support for our Academic Mindset Tutorial!

The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation’s grant will help T4A further develop our new Academic Mindset and Learning Strategies Curriculum, originally piloted with the MGH Youth Scholars in Fall 2012.

TFA 73

This curriculum works in conjunction with effective skills-based instruction and is designed to assist students move from being passive recipients of academic content to becoming active, conscientious, and productive scholars. It can be used across grade-levels, content areas, and skills in order to support the internalization of knowledge and development of academic self-efficacy.

This program will improve the mindset, strategy usage, and coursework grades of the students it serves, setting them up as the kind of self-regulating learners that are most likely to achieve success in college and the workplace.

It will provide T4A staff opportunity to integrate the most powerful elements of these programs into our award-winning skills programs while developing a powerful suite of interventions applicable for a range of students in a range of settings.


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