T4A Teams with MATCH School Wins $25K Innovation Prize

Westminster, Colorado September 17, 2009

The MATCH School and Tutors for All have won a $25,000 Innovation Prize at The Charter School Growth Funds Education Entrepreneurs Showcase. Their presentation, Megadoses of One-on-One or One-on-Two Tutoring In Urban Charter Schools, showcased the dramatic effects tutorial has had at MATCH, City on a Hill, and Codman Academy.

Tutorial has driven MATCHs state-high MCAS scores. Tutors for All has shown these effects to be replicable, as first City on a Hill and then Codman Academy showed state-high MCAS improvement. These dramatic results impressed the Charter School Growth fund judges and led to MATCH and Tutors for All receiving the second prize, beating out such nationally recognized organizations as KIPP, Achievement First, and Mastery Charter Schools.

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