Student and Tutor Spotlight– Feb 2010: Deja Jacobs and Natashia Thomas


Deja Jacobs is an 8th grade student at Smith Leadership Academy in Fields Corner, Dorchester. Twice a week Deja meets with Ms. Natashia Thomas to work on basic-skills mathematics. We asked them both to write a little bit about their experience together. This is what Deja had to say:

“My tutor Ms. Thomas is great. Out of all the tutors we had she’s the most interactive and actually wants to help me. I like when Natashia knows that I don’t get something, and I also like how when she comes in to tutorial she always has a smile on her face.

Recently I’ve been working on percentages, converting fractions and working on negative numbers. We also have been working on review like multiplying decimals and using mean, median, mode. These are helping me in math… I would recommend tutorial for my friends that need it because you get paired with someone who cares about your education and wants to help you. Basically, this is how tutorial has been helpful and improved my math skills.” Natashia, a senior studying Business Management at Simmons College, has always found time to help in her community. A Brockton native, she tutored her peers in math at her high school. Before joining TfA, she worked in a Dorchester community center. “She’s got a ‘let’s get this done’ attitude that really motivates her student and her tutors,” says Smith Leadership Academy Program Manager Christopher Baginski. “Always on time, always professional, and all-business, I’m thankful to have her working with us.”

This is what Natashia had to say about working with Deja: “Deja and I have worked together since September 2009. Over the past six months we’ve tackled negative integers, mean, median, mode, range, strengthening skills to solve basic mathematics using the four major functions, along with conversions of fractions, decimals and percents. After focusing each session on her weakness and incorporating her interests, it became clear that Deja had a better understanding of the material presented. She has begun to master most of the topics in each session. Deja’s greatest achievement throughout the six month period was scoring approximately 20 points higher on her last Show What You Know assessment, which was a tremendous improvement. Essentially, Deja is an amazing student who tries hard and it shows, especially through the improvements she has made on each Show What You Know.”

Congratulations to Deja Jacobs and Natashia Thomas for their hard work and achievements!

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