Student and Tutor Spotlight– Kadeeja Davis & Patrick Welton



Kadeeja Davis is a tenth grade student at Community Charter School of Cambridge. Twice a week Kadeeja meets with Mr. Welton to work on her reading comprehension and composition writing skills. We asked them both to write a little bit about their experience. This is what Kadeeja had to say:

“In the tutoring program the tutors are very nice, they sit down and work with you on your work and actually help you out. I learned how to start writing down vocabulary words that I did not understand and define them. Also they helped me learn different ways of understanding an article; I can reread the paragraph over again and once again define words. While in the tutoring program I have noticed that my writing skills have improved so much compared to when I started the program. I have been learning a lot about myself and the way I always second guess myself.

“My tutor is so nice, he makes me laugh and smile when I have down days… My tutor is the best tutor ever. He never yells or gets frustrated when I ask a lot of questions. He seems very interested in what I have to say.

If I can do the program all over I would not change one thing about it. These moments will forever be with me.”

The lesser-known side of our program is the affect it has on our tutors. Often, they’ll leave a session having learned something of their own. Patrick, a senior at Emmanuel College and a veteran tutor in our program, had this to say:

“I like having the opportunity to work one-on-one with a student. Every session is not perfect, but I have learned what works for my student and I can see that I am making a difference. My student has a personality that can light up a room. She is quite extroverted and persistent when speaking, The combination of these attributes makes me smile often. …The best way for my student to produce great work is when she is comfortable in her setting. It is important and possible for her to be herself while maintaining a professional demeanor. Not only has she improved drastically in her reading comprehension skills, I feel that she has matured greatly as a person. It was a pleasure to be her tutor.”

Congratulations to Kadeeja Davis & Patrick Welton for their hard work and persistence!



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