Alumni Portraits: Alyssa Noble


Working as T4A Tutor during my time as an undergraduate, I learned many of the lessons that teachers master in their first year of the profession. In addition to learning the basics of lesson planning and reflection, I learned about building relationships with students, communicating high expectations and helping students successfully meet them. By working with small groups, I learned about each student individually; therefore I was better at personally targeting their needs in the classroom. The students began to trust me to lead them in the right direction after they knew how much I cared about them and was invested in helping them to be successful.

My time tutoring with T4A sparked my interest in working with kids who struggle academically. I love meeting new students each year and figuring out how I can adapt my teaching to meet their needs. After weeks of struggling with the material, there comes a point in the school year when we finally find our rhythm. This is what makes this difficult job so rewarding. I first experienced this feeling while working with T4A, and I looked forward to those moments every year.

I became a teacher after graduation with one of T4A’s partner schools, City on a Hill, and am currently teaching with Boston Green Academy.

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